by Ariana Jordan on September 28, 2020

Are you unhappy with your life? Not performing at your fullest potential? Feeling stuck? Here are 5 steps on how to start a new life and build it into one you love (without moving or quitting your job or changing any outside circumstances). We are all meant to be happy and in love with life every day. If you're not, it's time for some self-reflection because happiness comes from living a life aligned with who you truly are and expressing your true joyful self.



To start a new life, you have to know what your ideal life would be. What type of friends do you want? How do you want to make money? Where do you want to live? This dream life becomes your destination which enables you to create your path to it. Your point A is where you are now, and your ideal life is your point B. By comparing these two you know what characteristics you need to build in yourself, what goals you need to set, and you have something to become excited about.

How do you determine your ideal life? Get to fully know yourself. When considering how you want to make money, do you dream of being your own boss or do you have a dream career that would make you feel fulfilled? Your dream life needs to fit who you are. Check out our next blog 24 Questions to Ask Yourself to dig deep and figure out what kind of life would make you happy. Also look at what your current life is missing that is making you unsatisfied and write down its opposite. Go into a full detail of the most amazing life you can think of. Don’t think of what’s possible. Let yourself dream.  

By defining your ideal life, you are telling the universe what to bring you. If we don’t define where we’re going, we just get tossed around by the waves of life. We’ll accept a job and stay there for years simply because it gives us a paycheck. Decisions end up being made based on the need of the moment or our emotions, which leads to being continually unhappy with where we are. By identifying your vision of success, then all your decisions are made with that end goal in mind. If you stick to your vision, you will get there and on your journey, you will grow into the person that achieves those dreams even if they seem out of reach right now.



Now that you have defined the dream life you want to make your reality, you have to establish your starting point. Today, who you are now, begins the rest of your life. The past is just the life you’ve lived that has brought you to this point of definition. It’s hard to find happiness in life when you’re wrapped in regret, guilt, shame, or fear from past experiences. The past is the past and it’s time to turn from it and face your future. I know this is not easy. It took me so long to let go of my past and I know you’ll never completely forget it. But I encourage you to try your hardest and no longer let it hold you back. Forgive who you have to forgive. Accept that you did the best you knew how at that time in your life and acknowledge you are human and made mistakes.

I took a day and analyzed my past and realized I was just all over the place. I saw that I kept having big dreams, but then would change my mind and give up so many times. But that’s the past. I was figuring life out. It’s okay I changed my mind. Life honestly was just tossing me around and it showed me the importance of taking the time to know myself well enough so that my dreams fit who I am and the life I want. What trends do you notice from your past?

Take those lessons you’ve learned and let yourself become greater today because of it. Now you know how to do better. Start your new life from today, as you are now. I challenge you to think of the past less and less. If it comes into your mind, stop it as soon as it comes up. The more you can stop it, the less it will come over time. This is a hard step, but if you can be determined to overcome it, you will be free to become who you are truly meant to be. When I forgave myself and any resentments I held, and accepted my past for what it was, it was like I came into my own power and anything was possible.



To start a new life you have to begin from the inside out because “wherever you go, there you are.” If you are unhappy now, you may be unhappy wherever you go, because everything that’s bothering you is still present and dominant in your mind. Life brings you what matches your dominant mental attitude. So to change your life, change your thoughts by building a positive mindset. Mastering your own mind takes constant attention but it is one of the most powerful things you could ever do.

The beliefs you hold come from things you were taught or learned from life and accepted as true. Whatever you believe is true for you. For example, if you believe money comes from hard work, you have to work hard to receive it. You can choose to change this belief. For millions of people, they don’t have to work hard for massive amounts of money. Go through some of the beliefs you have and consider where you learned it and does it fit the life you want to have. If you desire one thing, but have beliefs that contradict it, it will be extremely hard to attain what you desire.

Beliefs are thoughts you continue to think. Start choosing to believe you are worthy of great things. Believe you can live abundantly. Believe everything is working out for you. Start training your mind to think thoughts of joy, happiness, and in expectation of positive things happening in your life. When you have unwanted thoughts, immediately try to change into a positive thought that supports you. Try to become your own best friend that supports and believes in you.



If you can start to think differently, you will start to attract differently. The law of attraction in its most basic definition is “like attracts like.” It’s when you start the morning rushed and in a bad mood and stub your toe, and then spill things, etc., or if you’re positive and happy and things are going great, more great things keep coming to you and you have the best day ever. How you think determines whether you’re overall energy is positive or negative, which respectively puts you in a high or low vibration.

If you’re unhappy with life and all you’re thinking about is what you hate about your life and how bad it is, not much can change. It’s like you’re telling the universe I hate my life, and since it’s like attracts like, it’s giving you more things to hate about your life. It’s all about what you focus on. How do you use the law of attraction? Make a list of anything you do love about your life and appreciate that. Focus on the positives. If you can stay in a state of gratitude then you can attract more things to be thankful for. You will begin to raise your vibration and be in a higher energy. As you do this you will build positive momentum and life will start moving you in a new direction that’s more in line with this true, positive you.

Here’s the breakdown, you completed step 1 so you know exactly what type of life you want. There is an ideal person that you want to become. If like attracts like, then try to become that ideal person now. You may not have the money or the freedom or all the things you desire in your possession yet, but right now you can be the happy and joyful person you would be if you had all those things. How? Faith.

Faith is believing that your prayers have been heard and answered and that what you’ve asked for is coming to you. It is the evidence of things not seen. You have to be the evidence. True faith means you acknowledge that its on its way, so you’re thankful for it. You are in a state of joy and gratitude. It is definitely hard spending every day in a state of gratitude for something you don't yet have. But that’s why living by the law of attraction, and living “by faith and not by sight” sounds good, but few have actually mastered it. It’s too easy to slip into worrying, fear, doubt, impatience, frustration, and giving up. It’s why so few truly get to live the life of their dreams and are in pure joy. (Don’t worry I will dive way deeper into all of this in many upcoming blogs. Make sure you sign up to be notified).



Appreciating where you are now may seem impossible if you are completely unhappy with every aspect of your life. I’ve been there. I knew every single detail of what I wanted in my dream life. I had let go of my past. I felt free. Things were slowly happening through faith. But I wanted that life right now. I wasn’t there yet and I hated being in this transition phase for so long. But it all takes time. It takes time to find yourself. It takes time to master your thoughts. It takes time to start believing and you’ll go through a lot of obstacles that are building and testing your faith. It gets frustrating. But life is a journey. The purpose of life is to develop yourself into a strong, wise, passionate, and loving human being that knows your power and is lead by the God within you and has immense faith.

You will get to your destination, but enjoy the journey. See hard times as a tree on your path that you have to jump over. Learn to believe your way through circumstances. Once you start this process, it opens your eyes to the richness of life. Start by finding little things that you do appreciate about where you are. Appreciate what you’ve learned from your past. Appreciate that now you know where you want to go and be excited. Write a list of what you love about yourself or life or your surroundings. If you’ve manifested things or received answers to prayers before in your life, appreciate that. The more you can recognize what you already have and feel gratitude for it, the more will come to you. By being happy right now, you will be even more be happy and full of joy when you are living your ideal life.

These 5 steps are an overview of what you can do to start a new life and build a life you’re in love with. Over the next few weeks we’ll expand on each of these steps and go into fuller detail of the what, why, and how you incorporate these into your life. Follow us on social media to see when they're posted and sign up for the email below.



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