by Ariana Jordan on October 05, 2020


To live an amazing life that's perfectly tailored to you, you need to know exactly what you want. This is accomplished by fully knowing yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you need help with. Know your passions. Know how you think. Know what you could improve. If you know exactly who you are and exactly who you want to become then there's no confusion on what type of job you should get or what you should do everyday. You can make decisions every single day that align with your goals and develop you. Following are 24 questions to ask yourself that will get you thinking a little deeper into the real you. You may see yourself writing answers and then saying "that could never happen though" or writing things because they are more "realistic." Catch yourself and let yourself dream. Be honest with yourself.


Most of us do know what we ideally want to do with our life if anything was possible, but we’ve buried it because we don’t believe it is. We’ve already dismissed it as unrealistic, risky, unconventional, or just plain don’t believe in ourselves to make it happen. These questions are asked in different ways to help you form what you want your future life to look like.

  • What desires are in your heart that you have always wished you could do, but made excuses that you can’t? It may take some time to meditate and reveal this answer.
  • If you had no fear or doubt and nothing was holding you back, what would you do with your life?
  • Are any of the major life decisions you’ve made based on someone else’s expectations for you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you wish you could get paid to do? Do you wish you could get paid to workout, talk to people, take pictures.
  • What careers allow you to do that?
  • What would you decide differently if the decisions were solely up to you and no one else was really affected? What would’ve been your ideal way?
  • What would be your ideal way to make money? (Passive income, being an entrepreneur, having a high paying salary, etc.)
  • If you had $200 million dollars what would your day look like? Think beyond the initial vacations you’d take. What would your daily schedule look like? This was the major question that helped me realize that if I didn't have to worry about money I would still want to help people, run a business, get into real estate development. Realize what you would still want to do if money wasn't a factor. 


You have everything you need around you right now to build the life you are dreaming of. Once you decide on a path and believe it's possible, the way will start to show itself. Think more in solutions and possibilities instead of lack and obstacles.

  • What exactly do you feel is holding you back? (Is it fear, other people’s opinions, finances, doubt in your abilities, beliefs you can’t make money to survive doing it.)
  • Are there any weaknesses or qualities you think you lack that are the reason you haven’t made the leap to pursue it?
  • What classes could you take to overcome your lack of knowledge in the areas that are holding you back? Are there free classes in your community?
  • What part of business do you love doing? Accounting, sales, web design.
  • What part of business takes you forever and you dread doing it? These are areas you can hire others that specialize in it.
  • Who could help you build your business? Mentor, friend, parent, SCORE, SBA.
  • How could you make your dream a reality? What steps could you take?
  • How can you overcome your fears and start believing in yourself? (Surround yourself with inspiration, build your faith, meet with other women entrepreneurs, etc.)


Your purpose is not to save the world from any one thing, but sometimes taking the time to think about your place and what you have to give helps you see things within you that you may have overlooked. 

  • What problem in the world do you feel passionate about solving? 
  • What negative experiences have you went through that you overcame and could help others do the same? Did you learn something that worked for you that you could teach others?
  • When your friends need help, what types of things do they come to you for? (Encouragement, planning, money advice.)


This is important to think about because it's difficult to expect to receive wealth if you are inwardly against it. Money pays for our bills and products that we need but for most of us we are raised with a negative association to wealth. Taking control of you life means understanding and developing a more harmonious way of thinking that aligns with your dream life and your right to be abundant.

  • Do you feel envious or angry towards people that are wealthy and rich?
  • Do you feel they owe the world or should be giving it all away?
  • Do you believe everyone can become successful and wealthy if they were determined to?
  • Are you always thinking about the lack of or the abundance of money?


There are hundreds of questions you can ask yourself but this is an important starting point to get you thinking. Come up with some of your own. What did you take away from this? Do you learn anything new about yourself?



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