Learning to live beautifully.

On my journey of self-development over the last few years I have learned that we are in control of how our lives unfold. What you focus on matters. If you focus on what's going on in the world and get filled with fear, then all of your thoughts and actions will be influenced by that fear. I learned that if I focus on beauty and spend time in nature, and focus on what I can give to the world, then my life is more beautiful.

I founded Living Redesigned because I wanted to share the knowledge I've learned throughout my journey of faith, love, and wisdom about who we are and what we can accomplish. When you decide to go after your dreams, it is not easy in the beginning. You doubt yourself. Certain things take too long to manifest making you want to give up. I experienced so much, but I learned that faith is the answer. What we ask for is given, but we have to believe. We are all powerful. The mission of Living Redesigned is to help you believe in yourself because too many of us just don't know what to do with our lives.

If you also feel lost in life, unhappy with where you are, or feel it’s impossible to achieve your dreams, you are not alone. Only you know the true purpose and dream that is buried deep within your heart and only you can find the determination to live it. Living Redesigned became the place where I want to encourage others to design a life they love. I want you to see that you can reach your fullest potential and overcome everything that is holding you back. The hope is to inspire you to build your dream life, push through the hard times, and transform your mindset to one of power, belief, positivity and happiness.


Ariana Jordan, Founder & CEO